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Narayan Jadhav & Associates

Legal and Associate: The legal arm Narayan Jadhav & Associates has been rated as the most trustable legal associate firm in Bhiwandi and surrounding regions.

Mr. Jadhav himself bears a ton of experience in the field and has carved a name for him in the market.

The legal arm until this date has hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients who timely keep on consulting Mr. Jadhav and his colleagues.

We are the best

To train and guide at least 1000 young minds of the country who can contribute towards his dream of “working together and winning together.”

Client Review’s

It was a splendid experience, the property is nice and gives a different experience altogether.

Mr. Shubham Gupta Manager

I and my friends had a great time at the place, the staff was very helpful and courteous.

Mr. Anuj Vyas

This is our favourite location for family outing giving you a hill - station type vibe at just a few km’s away from Thane.

Mr.M Arsiwala CA