Swargiya Neerabai Jadhav Foundation

Mr. Narayan Jadhav and Shree Narayan Group as a whole strongly believe that we all should be aware about their roles and responsibilities towards the society they stand strong besides their mission statement  " THE ONLY THING THAT DIFFERENCIATES US FROM THE WORLD  IS OUR COMMITMENT TOWARDS MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE"

  • "Through every possible avenue, Mr. Narayan Jadhav and the Shree Narayan Group, with the support of the Swargiya Neerabai Jadhav Foundation, have made certain that those in need, the less fortunate, and society as a whole have been positively impacted."

Swargiya Neerabai Jadhav Foundation  is actively involved in various social works and one can always see him trying to find ways he can help the society. Be it distributing food to the hungry or Distributing Blankets in winters Or Books to students Shree Narayan Group is always there.

Mr. Narayan Jadhav feels he is paying of the loan his school has given him by constructing a new building for the school in his village situated at

 Joo Nandurkhi Bhiwandi.

The construction of one of best temples was done by Mr. Jadhav as he strongly believes that Culture and Religion is the backbone of the society.

Swargiya Neerabai Jadhav Foundation sponsors a variety of sports events to encourage the youths and help them scale new heights.

Swargiya Neerabai Jadhav Foundation as organized health camps across the city to help the needy and poor, But they also don’t forget  the poor animals who could not tell their sorrows.

One of the biggest mile stone was starting the Shree Narayan Sangeet Vidyalay which teaches playing classical instruments  and singing to children from underprivileged areas.

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To train and guide at least 1000 young minds of the country who can contribute towards his dream of “working together and winning together.”

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It was a splendid experience, the property is nice and gives a different experience altogether.

Mr. Shubham Gupta Manager

I and my friends had a great time at the place, the staff was very helpful and courteous.

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This is our favourite location for family outing giving you a hill - station type vibe at just a few km’s away from Thane.

Mr.M Arsiwala CA